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Chapter 4 - A Dream by littlecrow

first of i really like thhe composition as a whole you've created a great sense of balance by creating the two opposing areas of color from dark teals and blues to light orange and yellow. The discreet galaxy above the man in anguish is also fantastic, one of my favorite parts actually. The expression and stance that the man is in suggests such despair and agony and the gaping mouth of doom of the fish/ghoul/beast work together so well and transmit the exact same kind of emotion. This is the most powerful part of the image for me because of how well the two images tie in together although they seem so different. Overall a very strong piece in sense of composition and the idea is wonderful as well, the message behind it is very evident and the fine detail of the monstrosity is also very well done.
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littlecrow Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012   General Artist
Thank you for your in-depth comments! I am especially glad to hear (read?) you say that you like the composition, particularly the colors, because that is something I struggle with usually. Above all, I am glad that it seems to have left a strong emotional impression upon you, which is I think the goal of most artists. At least it is for me!
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